Michael L Metzner

If you are worried about your mounting credit card debt or in need of a solution for your banking issues, consider teaming up with Michael L. Metzner. This dedicated Florida attorney will serve as your advocate during the entirety of the settlement process, fighting to ensure your debt issues do not lead to financial ruin.

Attorney Michael Metzner: A History Of Success

A graduate of the University Of Missouri-Kansas City School Of Law and a member of the Florida Bar, Michael Metzner has worked with a wide array of clients, many of whom were initially mired in complicated credit card cases. Prior to opening his own law firm, Mr. Metzner spent several years as Assistant General Counsel to Quorum Productions, Inc,. He has since shifted his focus to debt related settlement cases, using his knowledge of the credit card and banking industry to help clients out of sticky situations.

Michael Metzner’s Practice Areas

Michael L. Metzner primarily serves as a debt defense attorney, focusing on such debt buyers as Midland Funding, LLC, CACH, LLC and Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC. Never hesitant to stand up to big banks and credit card companies, attorney Michael Metzner is capable of resolving debt cases that seem impossibly complicated. In addition to assisting in debt resolution, Mr. Metzner also provides legal counsel in employment law, intellectual property and commercial cases. No matter the specific nature of these cases, Michael Metzner always offers excellent representation.

Michael L. Metzner: A Reliable And Affordable Debt Defense Attorney

Finding an affordable and yet trustworthy debt defense lawyer can be difficult. Michael L. Metzner understands the financial pressures imposed by credit card debt and, as such, he strives to provide representation his clients can actually afford. His non-judgmental approach is much appreciated by clients who, in the past, have been forced to deal with an array of unsympathetic individuals. He believes that open and honest communication are essential to success both in and out of court. He also places an emphasis on educating his clients so as to ensure they are capable of making informed decisions.

If you are in the need of a talented and compassionate lawyer, look to Michael L. Metzner, P.A. for timely, high-quality representation. Whether you are in the midst of debt settlement dealings or require targeted advice surrounding intellectual property and employment law, you can rest assured that, when you work with this talented debt defense attorney, your case will be resolved in an efficient and satisfactory manner.

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